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The role of the teacher, to me, is to share learning experiences with students that encourage thoughtful, critical interrogation of the things happening around them in a way that helps to produce positive change (Friere. 1970). I like to take that a step further by encouraging students to push others they interact with to also think deeply. By asking high-level questions that link conceptual information with their personal experiences, I encourage continual self-reflexivity. Facilitating dialogue and direct application of concepts promote the most meaningful learning opportunities in my opinion and are common methods I use in the teaching spaces I occupy. The educational experience should be one that guides students toward conceptual understanding of the material, encourages application of those concepts to their lives, and challenges them to positively involve others in their experiences. As a partner and guide, it is also important for me to call students to think about their measures of success for the course and their lives overall. Being thoughtful about where we want to go, or what our shared desired outcomes might be, and reflexive about if we’ve accomplished them is critical to a positive learning experience. Teaching and learning together is intentional labor of love.

Researching and Writing


Here is my most current CV (updated January 2021). 

Courses I've Taught: 

George Mason University 

COMM 101: Fundamentals of Human Communication 

Christopher Newport University

COMM 201: Public Speaking 

 COMM 239: Argumentation

James Madison University  

SCOM 123: Fundamental Human Communication

If you'd like to see a syllabus, email me using the Contact tab in the header! 

In the Classroom : Projects
In the Classroom : Testimonials

Every meeting made me feel like I was engaged in learning.This course has taught me what to expect when communicating with someone either professionally or personally with one another and how to do it efficiently and properly.

Fall 2020, Student Feedback

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