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Welcome to The Holistic Academic Blog

Conceptualized in the depths of my heart and the chaos of my brain, created with the same fire that drives all my passions and the love radiating from my vibrational being. The Holistic Academic is about embracing the multifaceted being. It is a space to encourage seeing the whole person in any setting, but especially academic ones. I have sat in many classrooms feeling disconnected, disengaged and undervalued and unappreciated. I thought it was imposter syndrome-- like I wasn’t enough in those spaces. But really, it stemmed from not feeling free to show up as exactly who I am.

The Holistic Academic is my resistance to the traditional academy. A reminder that love is the highest vibration. I am a lover of words and I question all things. I choose to write about Blackness, love, power, health, sex, communication, family...

Welcome, to the Holistic Academic.

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